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Why the world needs Kwik?

Kwik New Project Window

First of all, welcome to Kwiksher (the site) blog. I am very happy to have you all here, and I sincerely hope Kwik (the product) will bring new opportunities to millions of Photoshop users around the world.

For this first post, I thought it would be nice to share with you a brief story. Since beginning of 2010 I am a happy Corona user. I was able to learn a bit of LUA, publish a few apps, and got in touch with several amazing developers, who spent time helping designers like me to enter into the mobile application world.

Being a designer myself,  I tried to speed up my development process creating a Fireworks plugin to export the position of layer elements to LUA, which I share at Ansca’s forum.

My proximity with Corona’s community made me closer to Carlos Icaza, CEO and Co-Founder of Ansca Mobile, who asked me to create the same plugin for Adobe Photoshop (this plugin was released with Corona bits and it is the basis, not only for Kwik, but to other exporters too). Since then, Corona grew up, new developers joined the family, however, I was still believing that there were much more people ready to enjoy the new world of mobility.

Last December I met Carlos in Miami. In the agenda, some crazy ideas on how to work together to spread Corona to the world (at least to designers and illustrators world). Few months later, thousands of lines of Javascript, Actionscript, PHP, HTML, LUA, and CSS written, I am happy to announce the availability of Kwik, a plugin for Photoshop that allows users to add interactivity, audio and animations to PSD compositions. When ready, Kwik exports images and create the code for Corona preview and project building.

If you are interested in creating interactive stories, comics, product catalogs, or even magazines, Kwik can help you with that at a fraction of the time and cost it would normally take you to do in Objective-C or Android Java, and without any coding whatsoever.

Kwik has been tested for a while, by a great group of users. This first version has many more features and fixes than originally expected, thanks to these people!

So, to answer the posting title, I strongly believe the designer and illustrator world will enjoy Kwik (developers will too), and have their first comics and interactive books “kwikly” created.

You should try it too! Besides the introductory price discount, I will draw 1 free license to:
– someone who have download Kwik (source: our database);
– someone who become a fan of our Facebook page;
– someone who follow us #kwiksher and retweet: Photoshop users, create mobile apps direct from your comps with #kwiksher http://bit.ly/kFtftF

The more you do from the list above, more chances you have to win your free license! Winners will be announced on May 15.

Welcome again, Alex


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