Set Language

The Set Language window allows you to configure layers that will appear only if an specific idiom is selected. For example, let’s assume you have 2 layers named “spanish_text” and “english_text”. Each one of them will only show up if the language selection is Spanish or English. In this case, selecting the “english_text” language and click the Set Language feature, the following window appears:


The Language group sets the name which both layers (“spanish_text” and “english_text”) are going to be associated. In our example, ** NEW ** is the option (being the first group created in the project).

As the selected layer content will show up only in the English version of the page, in the Language select English. This sets the layer “english_text” to appear only if the selected language is English.

IMPORTANT: In order to set the “spanish_text” layer, select it and click Set Language again. Now, in Language group, select “english_text” (this is the name of the group created with the “english_text” layer), and set Language to Spanish.


  • If your project has more than one language, BEFORE publishing your pages, make sure you have an entry in each language for each layer you selected as multilingual. For example, in the case above, only setting layer “english_text” would generate an error.
  • Language groups are critical. They will always be named using the first layer used (which may cause some confusion at the first moment). In the example above, you need to select “english_text” (being this the first layer you set as a new group) for the Spanish layer as well. If you use NEW in both scenarios, you will see an error in the console.