Scroll Object

When pressed, the following window appears:

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 5.22.10 PM

Like in all other interactions, you need to enter a Name (or accept Kwik’s suggestion). Kwik will cleanup your name if it contains spaces, strange characters, Lua reserved names, and/or if the length of the name is bigger than 15 characters.

Kwik automatically uses the selected Layer option (in this example, layer texto). If you intention is to scroll a group, select the appropriated radio button (and the group name).


Information about the current layer content will appear in the top of the properties panel (position and size).

Width of each group member (appears only if a group is selected) gets (and properly sets the size of the scrollable area) the average width of each element in the selected group;

Height defines the height of the scrollable area. Options are:

  • Object: when checked, it will used the height of the object layer/group. This option will allow the scrolling only inside the object area. Depending of your project needs, you may need to create a mask file to hide some scrollable area;
  • Paragraph: select it if your scrollable object is a (text) paragraph layer. Doing so, it will used the height of the entire paragraph (if you select the Object option, you will only be able to scroll the text in the dimension of the paragraph). Depending of your project need, you may need to create a mask file to hide some scrollable area;
  • Page: when checked, it will use the full height of the page as scrollable area;
  • Manual: when checked, enables the entry of manual coordinates for better control;

Hide scrollbar, when selected, disable the scrollbar.

White background, when selected, adds a white background to the object being scrolled. If unchecked, makes the object background transparent;

Disable horizontal movement, when selected, not allow the object to be moved in the horizontal axis;

Disable vertical movement, when selected, not allow the object to be moved in the vertical axis;

Mask file, points to a black (block visibility) and white (visible area) PNG file that will mask some areas. For more information about how to create masks for Corona, check this posting:


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