Page Properties

The Page Properties window helps to configure features that are going to be used in the current page. When pressed, the following window appears:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 10.07.41 AM

Start Scale panel

Sets the original scale of the page when it loads. This feature may be used, for example, to zoom in/out the page via a Linear Animation.

  • Scale W (width) and H (height): sets the size of the page when it loads (the lock button set the same amount to both fields);
  • Alpha: sets the original transparency of the page when it loads.

Gestures panel

There are the options provided (definitions for the cases where the checkbox is enabled):

  • Enable page swipe in this page: allows users to navigate from the current page to another one, swiping fingers, according the minimum distance required (defined by the field Spacer) – you may disable this option on a page with Canvas (painting), for example;

Navigation (when enabled) panel

Disabling the Show page… checkbox means the current page will NOT show up in the navigation panel.

Ads panel

The Show Ads in this page checkbox, when enabled, will add the function to show an advertisement banner, if it was properly created in the Project Properties Monetization window.

Preload Scene panel

The Preload next scene checkbox, when enabled, will add code in the current page to preload the following page/scene while users are viewing the current page. For example, if  the preload next scene is enabled (default in Kwik) and user is viewing page 3, while in this page, Kwik is preloading page4 for a faster transition. This setting here have precedence over the Project Properties preload all scenes. For example, if you set your project properties to NOT preload pages and later you set page 10 to preload, no pages will preload (as set in this window here), with the exception of page 10, which will preload page 11.

In-App Purchase Unlock panel

Enables the page to be seen only if a particular (in-app) purchase was made. You must setup the In-App Purchase option before to use this panel.

  • Purchase to unlock this page: The trash button deletes a product in the table below. The + (plus sign) button allows you to select the product(s) needed to show this page. When pressed, the following window appears:

In the above example, if Product gold was purchased before, the current page will be shown to the user. If not (product was not purchased but the user tried to access the page), user will be Re-directed to page1.