Installing Kwik

When you download from Kwiksher, it contains the zxp files which you can install with Adobe Extension Manager. Please choose the right zxp file. CS folder is for photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC. CC2014 folder is for Photoshop CC 2014 or CC2015, CC2015.5.

Since CC 2015, Adobe Extension Manager is not available
you may use ZXPInstaller instead of Adobe Extension Manager

Installing Kwik – Video instruction


Besides Adobe Photoshop, Kwik also requires CoronaLabs’ Corona SDK installed in a Mac or PC. Corona is offered in different versions, both fully compatible with Kwik:

  • Starter: it is free with the following current limitations:
    • In-app purchasing feature is not available
    • Several plugins are not available (including the useful Social ones, which allow seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter, for example);
  • Pro: full version is now free!

If you plan to develop applications for iOS, you will need a Mac computer (you cannot create apps for iOS on a PC) or use a service like It will require a membership from the iOS Developer Program. For publishing Android apps on Google’s Play (old Marketplace), you will need also a membership from Android’s Market. The same applies for Amazon Kindle Fire.

Using Kwik is probably the easiest part of creating your comic, ebook or application (app). However, becoming a member of Apple and/or Android’s developer programs, creating certificates, and publishing your app are not so easy tasks. Although this document does not cover these tasks, it points you to several external sources that may help you (check the External Resources page).

Installing Corona and XCode

Before installing Kwik, certify that you have Corona (and in the case of running on a Mac, XCode either). To install XCode on your Mac, go to The installation is free. However, to send your final app to the AppStore or test it on your device, you will need to pay the Program Membership.

In order to install Corona, simply go to, click the Download button and follow the instructions.

We suggest you to check the Docs, available at, as they provide lots of good tips and tricks on how to use and learn Corona. You don’t need to install the Android SDK. Corona does it for you.

Installing Kwik

Kwik’s installation file is available at > Downloads.

For CS5, CS6, CC and CC2014, you will need Adobe Extension Manager (AEM) application to install Kwik. It is usually installed with your Photoshop or Creative Suite installation, but it is also available at Adobe’s website. IMPORTANT: Please certify that you have the correct AEM (if you are using Photoshop CS5, the Adobe Extension Manager CS5 must be used, if you have Photoshop CC, use the CC version of the product).

If you prefer to read:

1. Open Adobe Extension Manager
2. Click Install
3. Point to your kwik.zxp file – if you download it from our site, unzip the file first
4. Accept the agreement and it is done.

Inside you Photoshop folder, you must be able to see:
– Kwik.zxp file
– A folder called Kwik created under Plugins/Panels folder

Installing Kwik for CC 2015

Since CC 2015, Adobe Extension Manager is not available

you may use ZXPInstaller


Installing the Sample Files

Kwiksher offers a few Sample Project Files, that can be downloaded and installed with Kwik. You can get them from the same page you downloaded Kwik. In order to install them, simply download the file and use Adobe Extension Manager for the installation, the same way you did for Kwik.

PC users: Make sure the downloaded file is named KwikSamples.zxp (the actual name). At least on Windows 8, this file was auto renamed to If it happened with yours, rename it to the real name and AEM will recognize it for installation.

Photoshop CC2014 and CC2015 users: Need to enable the following setting in terminal console.

reg add “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.5” /v PlayerDebugMode /t REG_SZ /d “1” /f

reg add “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.6” /v PlayerDebugMode /t REG_SZ /d “1” /f

defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.5 PlayerDebugMode 1
defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.6 PlayerDebugMode 1



Then you can use ZXPInstaller




EXManCMD Screen copies of installing Kwik to PS 2015

If ZXPInstaller fails,  You can use Adobe’s original ExManCmd from terminal console.

(1)Download ExManCmd



(2) unzip the file

├── MacOS
│   ├── ExManBridgeTalkCmd
│   ├── ExManCmd
│   └── ExManEscalatedPrivilegeServer
└── Resources

(2)Open terminal app and type the following command. See the screen copies below.
ExManCmd.exe /install {PATH}/kwikj.zxp

./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –install {PATH}kwikj.zxp

(3)List all
ExManCmd.exe /list all

./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –list all

(4)Remove Kwik
ExManCmd.exe /remove Kwik

./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –remove Kwik


ExManCmd is downloaded and unziped


(Mac) Application > Utilites > Terminal


Drag ExManCmd to console


ExManCmd with the full path is set

Type ”–install”


Next drag Kwik.zxp

$ ExManCmd –install PATH/Kwik.zxp is ready. Enter key to run it.

You can check ExManCmd –list all to Kwik installed and enabled

Install Sample Project

The following commands are necessary to enable KwikSamples.zxp

defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.5 PlayerDebugMode 1
defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.6 PlayerDebugMode 1


CSXS.5 is for CC2014

CSXS.6 is for CC2015

ExManCmd –install KwikSamples.zxp 

ExManCmd –list all





Now you are ready to use Kwik!