Add Audio

The Add Audio window allows you to create insert audio files into your project. When pressed, the following window appears:

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.54.20 PM


  • Location: the original location of the audio file to be imported;
  • Short file: if selected, sets the audio to be fully loaded into memory before it plays (audio.LoadSound). This is a good option for smaller audio files, usually used as sound effects;
  • Allow simultaneous repetition: if checked, it allows the audio to play again, even it it is already playing at the moment. If unchecked, the audio will play only if it is not currently playing;
  • Read Me file: sets the audio as the narration audio in the page (usually the audio reading the text available in the page). This setting is important to allow Kwik to auto play the audio when user selects the option “Read to Me”;
  • Play in all pages: if checked, sets the audio as a global one, meaning it will not be disposed between pages, having the ability to still playing between different pages;

Controls panel

  • Loop: sets the number of times the audio will play
  • Delay: sets the pause (in seconds) before the audio starts to play;
  • Volume: sets the volume of the audio while playing;
  • Fade in: enable/disable fade when audio starts (if checked, enter the amount of fade, in seconds)


  • Use channel (1-32): specifies the channel where the audio will play;
  • Languages: All means the audio will play in any languages available in the project. For example, if you need the audio to play only if the selected language is Spanish, select Spanish in the pull down menu;