Creating Coloring Books (Beginner)

With more and more requests of video tutorials, here goes another one covering how to create coloring books. Please forgive my bad English and try to focus on the content, ok? 🙂

These 27 minutes, hopefully, will bring you lots of new ideas. Enjoy the tutorial!


You can download the tutorial files at

Quick tip (not covered in the video): Please notice that bigCandice layer has two small white (color of the fake sheet background) rectangles in the top left and bottom right borders. Adding these two small images makes the full layer (including the transparency) size findable in Kwik. Without these additions, Photoshop will send the size only of the image, ignoring the transparent pixels around. It happened when I Set Canvas for the bigCandice layer and, instead showing me the full size of the layer, it only showed me the size of the non-transparent content.

Another thing that I forgot to mention in the video is the Take Screenshot action will automatically remove all the buttons in the screen during the screenshot. Nobody wants their art messed up with buttons, right?