Privact Policy


  • We value your privacy and we do not share any data with external vendors without your permission.
  • When you download our products we may ask some information about yourself, including your name and email. This data is only used internally to help us find about demographics and to communicate with you.
  • When you purchase our products, we collect your email, name and country information. Again, this data is not shared outside Kwiksher.
  • The privacy policy full version

Use Of Customer Projects

We may ask permission to use your images in our website, as promotional pieces for your own apps (Showcase) or to Kwiksher’s brand (banners in the home page and presentations, for example). We will only use the pieces after your approval.

When you share your projects with us for support situations, we use them only during support time, deleting all files after the support ticket is closed.

content ownership
As explained in the FAQ page, the subscriber (author) owns full rights of his/her app(s) and NO royalties or revenue share needs to be paid to Kwiksher.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not available after the reception of your activation key, which is automatically sent by PayPal at the end of your transaction.

For Kwik, refunds are available only if the activation key was not used.