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Create projects for multiple devices

Whether you are building a Universal app or targeting a specific platform such as the iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or other Android devices, Kwik handles the screen resolution for you. With integrated support for the brilliant Retina display on the new iPad, you can just focus on being creative. Kwik does the rest!

Add interactivity to your Photoshop layers

Easily add buttons, timers, actions, create drag and drop objects, and shake your device to get things done. Do it all in a jiffy with Kwik!

Rich animation options

Linear animation, sprite sheets, widgets, even path animation, and all with easing controls to enhance user experience. Get started with some predefined animations and take off from there!


Add simple physics effects to your stories or even create complete physic games from Photoshop. Set gravity to your scenes, create bodies that interact with the environment and capture collisions, all without external code!

Extend your project with External Code

Whether working alone or in teams, Kwik allows the complete control when using yours or others external code. Import external libraries or simply enter snippets of Lua code whenever you need them!

Enhance your Apps

Enhance your apps further by adding audio, sound fx, or coloring pages to boost interactivity. Want to add in-app purchases to your project? Kwik provides push-button options for IAP and supports iTunes App Store and Google Play so you can monetize your apps after the initial download!
Kwik In App Purchases

Multilingual text & audio

With Kwik you can sync your audio to your text so that the words highlight as it is being played back. Use this feature on your multilingual projects too. There are no limits to the amount of languages you can add to your app further opening the international and educational market to your creativity!
Kwik Supports Multilingual Projects

Build with Corona SDK, Deploy Everywhere

With a push of a button in Photoshop, Kwik publishes your projects to Corona SDK using Lua which means that there’s no need for you to know, or touch, the code. But it’s reassuring to know that you can edit these files to further extend interactivity. One of the biggest advantages of Lua is you can create apps for use on multiple devices iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, AppleTV and Windows/OSX desktop app

Kwiksher support

You are not in this alone. Kwiksher provides an active user forum and a wide range of tutorials to help you become a Kwik rocket scientist in no time. But, if you searched the Kwik forums and scoured the tutorials but some issues are keeping your app from launch… we can help!
Kwik Paid Support

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