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I can truly say that Julu Media was made possible because of Kwiksher.

Ed Dalbello


Uga-Uga is an inspiring story of determination, courage and bravery.
A little boy is discriminated because of his height, but, when there is an accident, he becomes the tribe’s hero.
This story will inspire children and adults. It is a lesson for all of us.
Children will be inspired by the clever ways the little boy trains to become a real warrior. He never gives-up.
In this sweet and encouraging story, children will discover a hidden bunny within the colorful pages.
– Multilingual: English, Portuguese and Spanish.
– Professional voice-over.
– “Read to me” – automatic reading of the story.
– “I read myself” – you control the reading.
– 30 colorful pages and charming illustrations.
– A bonus of 5 extra coloring pages.
– Background music.
– Children will be able to animate a bunny and other images through interactive activities.
** Written by Dr. Dalbello
**More stories at: www.julumedia.com

How did Kwik help?

Kwik is great! I am not a coder and Kwik help me to transform my children books into apps. It is easy, helpful and very practical. My first book a year ago was a trial to see if I could really do it. Now I am more serious and I know Kwik can do the job.

What are your favorite features?

Support and updates are great features, there is always something new coming up to improve the books and the response from Kwik never let me down. Animations are great and physics are awesome.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Use your imagination. Kwik offers lots of animations and options to make most things works without a code. Mix and play with it.
Also create new stories!!! Use your imagination!! Never forget to backup!!

Alex’s Review

Ed is not new to Kwik (you can read our first interview here) and he is a clear example that the more you spend in the plugin, the better your work become. Uga-Uga is a nice story (available in 3 idioms) about acceptance and friendship. Due the target audience (small children), the animations are simple but funny and the read to me feature is surely a good addition. One thing that I liked a lot is the owl that appears in every page. Clicking it, the reader gets a glimpse of where the hot (clickable) spots are. Also, kids will be able to coloring 5 different drawings.