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Stamp And Sketch
Stamp And Sketch

From the time I first opened Kwik and started reading the awesome tutorials, I had 2 apps selling in iTunes and Google Play within 5 months!

Tanya Puntti


Stamp And Sketch

A fun and engaging stamp and sketch app with over 324 exciting stamps / stickers, as well as vibrant neon colors to draw with. Your toddler and kids are guaranteed hours of fun as they mix and match between stamps and drawing. Stamp, draw, or combine the two. Stamp And Sketch offers hundreds of stickers to spark the imagination including categories such as pirates, princesses, monsters, animals, butterflies, under the sea, zoo and fairy tale themes.


– 324+ stickers in 27 categories that can be stamped, zoomed and dragged around the canvas
– Complete set of vibrant neon drawing pens
– Multiple brush sizes
– Switch between 3 background colors.
– Tap the camera to save the creation to photo roll

White is the default, change the background to black and the app turns into a neon doodle board. Switch to blue and it’s an imaginative underwater world ready to stamp and draw an ocean scenery.

The possibilities stretch as far as your child’s imagination.


– Prince and princesses
– Pirates
– Butterflies and Flowers
– Monsters
– Space
– Under the sea
– Zoo and animal themes
– Fairy Tales
– Gardens
– Outdoor camping theme
– Carnival fun parks
– Circus animals and acrobats
– Fun at the beach set


Kid friendly interface
No third-party advertising!
Universal App: pay once, run on ALL your iOS devices

How did Kwik help?

I easily developed the whole app with Kwiksher Photoshop plugin within 8 weeks from start to completion! That time frame wouldn’t have been possible in native code.

As an Indie developer I personally think there is a risk in taking more than 3 months to complete an app. For starters you never know for certain what app will be popular. Why spend 12 months developing one app with native code when you could develop four or more quality apps in the same time frame, increasing your download numbers across the board.

Kwik is the perfect tool for creating quality apps in a fast time frame. It’s also incredibly easy for beginners to learn how to use. From the time I first opened Kwik and started reading the awesome tutorials Alex wrote, I had 2 apps selling in iTunes and Google Play within 5 months! Knowing what I do now, I could have created those games easily within 3 months.

What are your favorite features?

That’s a hard question. There are so many fabulous features in Kwik it’s hard to pick a favorite. The ones I use the most when developing apps are definitely the interactive features such as buttons, timers and drag and drop objects. For this app ‘Stamp And Sketch’ the coloring features were a godsend. Implementing the sketch in the app was simply a matter of following this tutorial http://www.kwiksher.com/tutorials-kwik/canvas/ Couldn’t be any easier!

Any tips and tricks to share?

Kwik has made it easy for anyone to develop quality apps and have them selling cross platform in no time flat. But that is only the beginning of your journey. It takes just as much to market your app as it does to create it. Learn as much as you can about marketing apps and app store SEO. Simply creating and uploading to app stores won’t be enough to keep daily downloads rolling over without a little of extra effort.

Never make it about the money and never give up! If your first few apps don’t achieve all the downloads you had imagined, just enjoy the ride anyway. It’s all a wonderful learning experience. You’ll discover something new from every app you create and you will only get better with each one. Imagine if the creators of Angry Birds had given up after their first few creations!

Create something you’ll still be proud of in 5 years time! I can’t count the number of times I’ve read developers blogs who say they are embarrassed at some of the apps they created years ago. Or worse still, when someone asks what apps they’ve developed there is an awkward silence or no reply. If you are going to create an app, be proud of it.

Alex’s Review

Following the same “cool vibe” of her previously showcased Dress Up Funhouse app, Tanya created an activity book that can be used for hours. Packed with hundreds of images (the stamps), plus the ability to draw around them, Stamp and Sketch is guaranteed fun for the artists in all of us!