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This is our second app made with Kwik and we love this plugin!

Fionnuala Hanahoe


Scribbaloo Train

APP DESCRIPTION:Scribbaloo Train is a beautiful interactive picture book for toddlers and preschoolers, with happy music, sounds, fun animations and simple to use interactions. Kids help and follow the train on its journey through ten amazing magical scenes: including the city with its hustle and bustle, the quiet suburbs and peaceful countryside with birds singing and sheep grazing, a leafy forest, the snowy mountains, sunset at the beach, camels in the desert on a starry night and boats bobbing on the ocean.


1. Beautifully designed with original art and craft materials
2. Illustration and animation in 2D
3. 10 interactive scenes with animations, sounds and music on every page
4. Simple to use interactivity for little fingers
5. No english required, this is a stunning picture book that takes toddlers and preschoolers on a visual journey

We love feedback and we love to help out, so if you experience any difficulties with the App, please contact us on our support page:

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Scribbaloo Train

How did Kwik help?

This is our second app made with Kwik and we love this plugin! Our core skills are as artists so it is great to use a plugin that requires no, or very little coding. This allows us to focus on the graphics.

What are your favorite features?

The animation features in Kwik are great. They make it very easy to add lovely animations to enhance the graphics.

Any tips and tricks to share?

We made Scribbaloo Train as an universal app – this makes it very easy to publish for all platforms.