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Sassy’s Easter Adventure

Sassy's Easter Adventure
Sassy's Easter Adventure
Sassy's Easter Adventure
Sassy's Easter Adventure

Double Slash Design | Larry Meadows

I tested them for less than an hour before buying both Corona SDK and Kwik!

Jari Huomo


Tell a little bit about you and your company?

Double Slash Design is a two person company made up of myself Larry & Colette ( with special support assistance from my daughter and wife ). We both have various backgrounds in programming from old style COBOL, Assembler, and C# as well as various others.

With the changing landscape taking effect in the programming industry it seemed only natural that we start our transition into the mobile market, but we wanted to do this without the huge learning curve of Apples Objective C, or Google Java.

We then found Corona and saw how easy the physics library was to use for game and animated book creation. While writing out first book ( Shhh not yet published ) I found Kwik and saw enormous potential to make our books with no programming required.

We missed the window for the holiday season to publish our first book because of the amount of programming it took, so I decided to recreate it from scratch with Kwik. It was easy to learn and made the process much simpler that book is ready for next season as well as our first published book Sassy’s Easter Adventure.

What is the app about?

Sassy’s Easter Adventure is a riveting adventure of a girl and her brother to get eggs for Easter. Every page in this children’s adventure is full of hidden animations and fun. It also includes 2 games ( 1 hidden ) and a coloring book for your eggs.

How did Kwik help you to build it?

We used Kwik to create the entire book ( except for one game ). It is so easy I am on the process of teaching my daughter and wife how to use it, so they can help out on our next book.

Sassy’s Easter Adventure App Trailer

Any favorite features?

I love the path animations and the ability to add random actions.

My favorite feature is the Kwik’s Sprite Sheet Exporter. When we create animation frames in photoshop or any other app I always use this feature to make sure my sprite sheets are created perfect.

Any trick/tip you would like to share?

MOST Important ( back up, back up, backup ) your entire projects between major changes.

To make editing and modifications easier always, always name every layer and kwik action with a common naming conventions. Yes the icons in Kwik to a great job of telling what each action type is but if you name items based on what they are actually doing then you will know what to change if a problem occurs.

Also if you plan on including a game or something “not written in Kwik” I still created a place holder page to be exported, which included the swipe and navigation buttons, this made it simple for me to integrate my game in its’ place.

What is your overall experience with us (product and services)?

Love it and plan on using it forever, We are already planning two more book / apps to be built with Kwik

What is next for you and your company?

We are actually working on a couple more projects right now, as well as starting another kwik app.
Since Kwik will export the images for both IPhone and IPad resolutions we can still use Kwik for rapid prototyping for screen layout and image sizes, this makes it much easier to help create a proof of concept app for ourselves and others.