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Visit Santa’s house and enjoy the songs



Santa Music Box

APP DESCRIPTION: “Santa Music Box is the perfect FREE app to share and enjoy with you family & friends in the holiday season:
Visit Santa’s house for the busy Christmas holiday preparation,
or join Santa and his buddies for the Grand Orchestra performance!”

* 2 interactive songs for you to enjoy;
* Stay tune for more up-coming FREE songs in future updates;
* Lovable Christmas characters featuring Santa, Snowman, Elf, Reindeers and more;
* Optimized for mobile devices;

How did Kwik help?

This is the 2nd App I’ve developed with Kwik.

What are your favorite features?

• Action
• Action
• Spritesheet management

Tips or Tricks:

• Always plan ahead for what you need/want to do in your app
• Check forum for resources and help
• Ask questions in forum