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Pat the Rat

Kwik is a truly time saving product, which allows independent developers and graphic artists to produce amazing products in the shortest time possible with limited coding requirements.

John Kim


Pat the Rat HD
“Pat the Rat” is a story about a young rat named Pat, who feels he is fat, but he doesn’t
know what to do about it. With his friends help, Robby the Rabbit, together they learn
a better way to eat and stay healthy.

* For kids age 3-6
* The story starts with easy to learn rhyming words
* A “Read to Me” button will hi-light text as it’s being read
* Choice of “I will Read” button to read to your child
* 22 fun pages with a healthy eating storyline
* All pages have hidden interactive features for kids to explore and have fun.
* Great for early literacy reading!
* Great for story time reading!
* Great for preschool through second grade!
* Healthy Choice resource links at end of story!
*A “Healthy Choice” early readers eBook!

App Designed for iPad, iPad2, iPad3

How did Kwik help?

The Kwik plugin helped me to make the development of my eBook app a reality in shortening the production time. The ability to add a variety of interactive features was invaluable. I am an independent one man studio, so anything that would shorten the technical production time was an asset. I have created four apps using Corona SDK, but never considered using the Kwik plugin until I read about it in the Corona Labs Digest. Since then, I am pleased to announce that Apple approved my eBook quickly with no hassles. With that approval, I am also planning to submit it to Amazon and Android market as well. Kudos to Alex for developing a truly time saving product which allows independent developers and graphic artists to produce amazing products in the shortest time possible with limited coding requirements.

What are your favorite features?

I love that text hi-lite and audio sync feature so young children just have to tap the button to have the book read to them. I teach kindergarten age children, so my kids don’t yet read. I love the path animation features that allow endless possibilities of creating interactive functions making it so fun for kids to engage in the story. And lastly, I am so excited to try my creative abilities to insert sprites making it possible to create truly animate story characters, animals, and objects. The ability to create “special effects” with the assortment and variety of functions definitely gives the developer, writer, and artist a wide palette of choices.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Definitely read the blog section. I also received a gracious helping hand from both Greg Pugh (GP Animation) and Diane CiPollo (Bella Online). Keep in mind that you should have a clear focus and goal in mind when developing your story. Try to keep it short and simple as possible. Also consider who your audience will be, so if it’s children, make it age appropriate, but also fun and exciting for them to engage the content. Be respectful of other developers time and helpful advice and always acknowledge their willingness to help others trying to learn new things. Alex is a fantastic resource of course, but sometimes we forget to acknowledge his hard work and many late nights of emailing customers. Have fun and experiment with all the features and options available in the Kwik plugin framework.