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Not Without Bear

With Kwik I could jump right in to the fun part and it works for both iOS and Android.

Anna Hines


Not Without Bear

Ride the wild ponies! Trip around the world! Find the lost children! Audrey loves to play her favorite games and never without her best friend, Bear. But when bedtime comes Bear is nowhere to be found! Where can he be? In this interactive story young readers help Audrey ride on Mama’s bike, giddy-up on Daddy’s back, find the toys she’s hidden in the bushes, and search the house for the missing Bear, before being tucked in for the night.

Toy baskets spill, pillows move, quilts lift, cupboards open, revealing more adventures. Musical tunes, silly sound effects, bouncing and movable objects, and a kitty hiding on every page add to the fun of this ten-page story book. Children can select English or Spanish, then listen to the story or choose “read it myself”, touching individual words to hear them aloud if they need help.

An engaging story.
Lively interactions on every page.
Fun sound effects and musical tunes.
English or Spanish option.
Read it to me or read it myself.
Touch to hear individual words.
Navigation bar.
NO hotlinks!

The sweetly timeless story combined with the excellent interactive design of the app make this a title you’ll want to read and share with your children again and again.
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This adorable title is perfect for very young children.
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Anna Grossnickle Hines is an award winning author of more than 60 books for children, well known for her ability to take everyday events and turn them into engaging picture books.

How did Kwik help?

I could not have created an app without Kwik. I started trying to learn some programming, and was making slow progress. I managed to make a calculator, but was feeling overwhelmed at the immensity of the challenge. It would have taken forever to get to the point where I could do anything with stories and pictures. I checked out other platforms, but they seemed too limited in what they could do. With Kwik I could jump right in to the fun part and it works for both iOS and Android.

What are your favorite features?

Story comes first for me as an author/illustrator and early childhood educator, and I love being able to sync text, have individual word responses and do multi-language books. The ability to work directly from my layered PhotoShop files is fantastic. It’s amazing to have so many different interactions and combinations of interactions possible, with new ones coming all the time.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Study the Guide and tutorials. They are pretty clear and easy to follow. If you get stuck go to the forum. Answers come pretty quickly.

Get yourself organized right from the beginning. One thing I’ll be doing on my next book is setting up a clear structure for naming pages, layers, and actions as they are being created. You may have to play with Kwik a little bit to see what I mean and why this is helpful to have figured out from the start.

Alex’s Review

Anna Hines pushed Kwik’s limit and I so grateful for that (she helped a lot finding bugs and being such a sweet user waiting for updates). Not Without Bear is a beautiful story, with memorable characters and perfect interactions for young children (read to me, word clicking, lots of playful hotspots, 2 different idioms, available in all major stores, and the list goes on). If you have small children around, don’t hesitate: this app is a must!