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Near Humanity News
Near Humanity News

Kwik allow me to develop really fast this app, helping the promotion of Near Humanity's crowdfunding campaign.

Xavier Bottet


Near Humanity News
Welcome in Near Humanity News.

A micro application to present the Near Humanity’s dark and complex universe.
Near Humanity is an horror motion comic with historical events as background.
It is split in three seasons of 4 episodes ; each one lasting 6 to 7 minutes and comprising interactive scenes for a total immersion in NH’s universe.

With Near Humanity News, Rachel Evans (one of the main characters) will help you to have access to the official trailer and to view exclusive pictures. But also to discover the history, the others main characters and its authors.

Near Humanity has been featured on HorrorNewsNetwork, DigitalMotionComics and more.

Near Humanity News also gives you access to the website, to the official Facebook page and allows you to make contact with the team.

And perhaps more content…if you have as much intuition as Rachel.
Now, turn the light off and take a seat for a foretaste of the Near Humanity’s experiment.


How did Kwik help?

Kwik allow me to develop really fast this app, to help promoting Near Humanity’s crowdfunding campaign. It allow us also to prototype and develop the core app, that will be used later as basis for the future app, holding Near Humanity’s episodes.

What are your favorite features?

I used a lot the animation features, to add some life to our scene. I don’t have to create pixel, bitmap animations. I used scripted FX to save space and memory usage. I used also the drag and drop features in the app to develop a mini-game – you’ll enjoy by testing the app. I let you appreciate how it could be used in other context.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Use smart objects in your development to be able to change at any times visual assets in your scene. Create blocks of scripts, behaviors to call them from multiple triggers to save time when scripting instead of scripting them multiple times. It will also save you time when debugging because it shorten amount of scripts to verify.