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Maddie Bear’s Birthday

Maddie Bear's Birthday

Chances are, if you're an author/illustrator, you want to work on the book, not the coding. That's where Kwik shines the most.

Greg Pugh


Maddie Bear’s Birthday

Maddie Bear’s birthday is in five days, but she can’t decide what she wants for a present. Join Maddie and her friends Olivia Squirrel and Hannah Bunny in birthday fun and excitement! This is the first installment of the Maddie Bear Book series.

** Spot the Difference Mini Game
** Text-Highlight for Read to Me narration
** Completely Kid Safe!
** No in-app purchases, No clickable URLS, No collection of personal data, No social media, just a great story and good fun!

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How did Kwik help?

Kwik takes care of the heavy lifting portion of book app development. By this I mean that you don’t have to worry about coding the page transitions, coordinates of the artwork, implementing audio, sprite sheets, etc. You write the story, draw the artwork, lay it out in Photoshop and let Kwik do the rest. Chances are, if you’re an author/illustrator, you want to work on the book, not the coding. That’s where Kwik shines the most.

If you’re a bit of a control freak, you can always add your own code. I did this with the spot the difference mini game. I coded the game and told Kwik where the files were, it was easy as that. I’m actually probably going to release an update soon with more levels of the game. I may even do this periodically as well as add more interactions, just to keep the book fresh and to keep kids coming back.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been using Kwik since version 1 and have seen first hand how it gets better not only with every version, but almost every month. The creator of Kwik does a top-notch job staying on top of updates and bug fixes.

What are your favorite features?

Where to begin…read to me narration, text-highlighting, navigation menu, external code importing, spritesheet/TexturePacker compatibility, preset animations, shape snapping, the fact that it stays up-to-date with Corona SDK’s updates, the list goes on.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Keep pushing the boundaries of storybook apps with great stories and illustrations. My daughter loves books and I want to keep expanding her library!

Alex’s Review

Greg’s latest storybook is fun, cute and brings activities that enhance the story! Don’t expect scenes full of animations or clickable buttons. When they exist, there is a purpose behind. I like that and other should follow.