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Lullaby Planet

I would never able to do this application by myself without Kwik.

François Walter


Lullaby Planet

Lullaby Planet is the perfect App for your baby or toddler to relax and fall asleep to in a peaceful and soothing environment. Its delightful illustrations and reassuring music will entice even the youngest child to fall asleep.

This application features 6 fully interactive scenes that encourage your kid to interact with cute and lovable characters who are ready to go to sleep. They will accompany your child on a sleepy journey to the world of dreams for a peaceful night.

Everything moves peacefully and can be touched to trigger cute animations, calming songs and gentle melodies.

You can choose between a soothing set of well-known lullabies, classical pieces of music (Mozart Beethoven, Brahms) and nature sounds. The lullabies have been recorded with a vibraharp to create tunes that are particularly calming.

• 6 fully interactive environments and more than 100 interactive elements.
• Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and cute characters
• Child-safe interface, intuitive and easy to use
• With “Sleep time” setting to stop the music and darken the room once your child is asleep
• High quality music recorded with soothing vibraharp melodies
• Choice between lullabies and natural ambient music
• Available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad
• Supports the Retina Display of the new iPad

Featured scenes:
• Little fish swimming in the ocean
• Cute animals preparing to sleep in a jungle
• Glow-worms and frogs in a calm lake-scene at night
• Sweet tree-friends and butterflies in an autumn tree
• Planets gently drifting in space
• Sheeps bouncing lightly in the clouds


How did Kwik help?

First, big thanks to Alex for creating this great piece of software! I would never able to do this application by myself without Kwik.

I choose to use Kwik because it is simple to use and very powerful at the same time. With only a few clicks you can create a fully interactive app. But the difference with other tools for non tech is that you can design the app the way you want, make a musical app, an interactive storybook, a drawing app, or a game… Actually you don’t feel that you are limited, and if there is something you cannot do with Kwik, you can certainly do it with the external code feature.

What are your favorite features?

I used a lot the sprite sheet module for this app, and this is even more powerful now. It can optimize multiple animations in the same sprite sheet, and allow to play animation sequences on the same character. Get a look on my app to see more of it.

I like the copy and paste function. It is always nice to do an animation or a button once and then paste it on other pages or layers.

The external code is another awesome feature and I will certainly use it more in some future projects.

I also like the fact that Kwik check for error before building the script, so if you have a bad layer name, or a missing element in your Photoshop file, you will know it and will not lose hours of your precious time debugging your app 🙂

Any tips and tricks to share?

Plan before you do. Don’t be afraid to wireframe your application on a piece of paper, imagine what it will look like before you actually do it. It is easier to change your plan when it is just a sketch than when you have done the illustration and all the script. I learned the hard way, and now I will really take more time for the planning phase!

Another tip I learned: simpler is better, especially for children app and when it is your first app development.

Lastly, learn how to use the .kwk files, which contains all the information that Kwik use to manage and create your final code. Sometimes it is faster to edit it to, for example, load a new sound or copy and past some script. Also don’t forget to do a backup before you edit it.

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