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The Lonely Little Star

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Kwik allows you to spend most of your time creating and less time chewing away at the dry side of development.

Aaron Terry


The Lonely Little Star

Feeling different from other kids, whether it is because we are a different color, speak a different language or because we have been bullied or have lost a loved one, our experiences are common to many others. The Lonely Little Star proves how universal our experiences really are.

In this first book of a series, we meet The Lonely Little Star and his loving parents, Mr. and Mrs. Twilight. The Lonely Little Star Series, awards a high-five to parents who have the high-calling to raise a child whom society deems special or, “unique.”

The Lonely Little Star crosses cultural differences in a single bound. This lovely story is universal to all ages. The story is accompanied by original music and lyrics created exclusively for The Lonely Little Star series. The “read by myself” highlighted text enhances the English, Hispanic reading experience.

Children and adults, alike, will love this beautiful blend of storytelling, endearing illustrations, and subtle animation.

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How did Kwik help?

Kwik makes developing so fast. Cathy would send me an idea she had, and I could create it in a few minutes. Basically Kwik allows you to spend most of your time creating and less time chewing away at the dry side of development.

What are your favorite features?

For this app, I really dug into the multi lingual toolset. Being able to reach multiple cultures and audiences with a few extra days of work is a huge plus.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Try every idea you have. One thing that is accepted universally in the game industry is that testing is the key to creating a fantastic piece of work.

Alex’s Review

The Lonely Little Start is a nice story transformed into app by Kwik. Available in Spanish and English, the story will captivate Christian readers with subtle animations and audio. Do not expect fancy animations and activities thou. It is all about the story, which many just want.