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Kwik is perfect, especially for a non-developer – you simply make something in Photoshop and Kwik does the coding part.

Henk Doorten


Frederick Spider

Picture book for toddlers and young children. Now also available as an app!

Discover how Frederick crawls through the book on his little legs.

Let us read to you or choose the option to read by yourself and enjoy the wonderful illustrations and animations!

Frederick Spider builds beautiful spider webs inside the lady’s house. The lady does not like that very much. She carefully picks up Frederick and puts him outside. What should he do now?

Frederick, the sweet little spider, is not the only one who plays a leading role in this picture book. The big hero is Zebra. After everyone makes fun of Frederick for being too scared to cross the road, Zebra steps up to be the big hero. Courageous as he is, he sets out to help Frederick!

This picture book is about friendship and looking after one another, but it also talks about fear.

• The illustrations are colorful and they stimulate the imagination.
• The pages are easy to turn with a swipe gesture (swipe from right to left).
• Children can listen to the story, look at the pictures and read along.
• The user-friendly text function also lets you read the book out loud to your child
• Each page contains amusing animations.

Available in 2 languages: Dutch and English (USA)
This app can be installed on the iPad 2 and iPad 3

How did Kwik help?

We were completely new to the process so we wanted to make everything as simple as possible and wanted the animations to tell the story, so we made a storyboard, created the artwork in Photoshop and everything started to come together. Kwik is perfect, especially for a non-developer – you simply make something in Photoshop and Kwik does the coding part.

What are your favorite features?

The combination of features makes Kwik special. Especially sprite sheets can be combined with almost everything.

Any tips and tricks to share?

If you want to learn coding in Corona, work in reverse. Do something for fun in Photoshop with Kwik and try to understand the code. Kwik teaches you.

Do not start multiple actions on the same time. Whenever is possible, give them a delay after the swipe.

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