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Fonetica Tips

Kwik is a powerful multimedia tool for building educational mobile apps.

Leonardo Montenegro


Fonética Tips

Fonética Tips is the first of four apps that I am publishing for the educational community and people interested in: how to use mobile devices for learning, how to teach and learn using mobile apps (mobile learning case studies), and the study of acoustic analysis of speech (phonetics and speech sciences) as an example on how to apply instructional design to mobile learning content production.

The apps are available in Spanish and we plan to translate them into other languages in the near future. Users will play with a lot of animations and embedded HTML5 simulations.

I decided to write this showcase because there´s a lot of educational apps for tablets made with Kwik. These eBook apps have been made with smartphones in mind as a serious mobile learning proposal for school and universities around the world.

How did Kwik help?

Kwik is a powerful multimedia tool for building educational mobile apps. I have explored carefully the possibilities offered by Kwik and every time I update the plugin I found it not only more interesting but useful. No doubt, Kwik has a lot of hidden potential for educational purposes!

Any favorite Kwik features?

One of the features I appreciate the most is the way Kwik manages animations and sprites because educational eBooks should be 100% interactive. I´m exploring some new Kwik 3 features for building simulations and small serious videogames and eBooks apps for teaching scientific topics based on mobile learning. Tablet based learning is great, and we´re building apps for Kindle too using Kwik, but I´m putting more emphasis on educational apps for smartphones, since those devices are relatively easier to get by students and teachers in schools and universities.

Tips and tricks to share?

Kwik is easy to use but we need to have a lot of patience when naming and organizing the Photoshop layers. So I recommend to install a batch layers renamer script to accelerate the process.

Alex’s Review

It is really nice to see Kwik being used for other kinds of educational apps. In this particular one, Leonardo did a great job mixing native components with HTML 5 content. I am looking forward to see what else is being developed by the Apptua team.