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A favorite nursery rhyme, bright pages, dozens of buttons to count, sort and move into colorful patterns and designs!

Anna Hines


Buckle My Shoe

APP DESCRIPTION:A favorite nursery rhyme, bright pages, dozens of buttons to count, sort and move into colorful patterns and designs! Based on the book, which received two starred reviews, the app expands opportunities to count buttons and fingers, sort buttons by color, shape or size, make sets, create patterns and designs, all important early meth skills. Like playing with grandma’s button box with no mess to pick up or tiny objects to swallow.

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Buckle My Shoe

How did Kwik help?

Once again I have created an app that would have been impossible for me without this wonderful tool! From using Kwik for five apps now, I have figured out how to check the lua code for a problem or two, but no way can I write this code from scratch!

What are your favorite features?

Kwik has gotten more efficient to use, with all of the functions created for each page now sorted into lists that make it easy to find the one you are looking for. Actions’ is a really great feature allowing me to link, combine, sequence and time animations, audios and so on. I also liked that once I had created the app for iOS I could use that as a template to create the one for android.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Stay in touch with topics on the forum.  Even if you are not having a particular issue there may be some trick you can pick up from the discussion that will be useful to you. You may also have the opportunity to provide an answer to someone else. All of us know more than some of us!