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Billy Bolts: My Fathers Keeper

Billy Bolts
Billy Bolts

Kwik allows me to focus on the creative aspects of my storybook app development rather than the technical side.

Jason Appleton


Billy Bolts: My Fathers Keeper

Follow Billy Bolts as he ventures off to find the father hes never known. Billy Bolts: My Fathers Keeper is an interactive story book that takes the reader on a journey whilst building one of two variations of robots, engaging in mini games and more.

This story is inspired by the real life events of it’s creator with dialogue taken from his first conversation with his father at the age of 21 years old. An emotional story with messages on bullying, overcoming odds and coping with growing up without a father as well as forgiveness.

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How did Kwik help?

I simply couldn’t have done this without Kwik. I’ve spent well over a year trying to find that one interactive story book building tool that would give me the power and options I needed to deliver my story the way I wanted to. Nothing worked well enough and though I had seen Kwik prior to my using it. The relationship between Kwik and Corona SDK put me off as it seemed kind of intimidating for a non developer but, there are so many easy to follow tutorials that I finally buckled down and just tried it. Having been a Photoshop user for over a decade, it was a breeze to pick Kwik up and learn and Corona was a cakewalk.

I can’t say enough about how much I love Kwik. Alex is a genius and I’m very grateful to him for creating the plugin.

What are your favorite features?

Oh boy! There are just too many. I’m anxiously awaiting new tools and features for the sake of being able to further expand or add to Billy Bolts or even future stories but I would say for an iBook, the hide/show features are super simply yet extremely powerful. Then I would say the Path Animations. Really allows you to add some life to your pages.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Everything I know of Kwik I learned from what’s on the site already so, I doubt I could be very helpful in that regard. The only advice I could honestly give is to not be afraid to try using the tools available, and explore other uses for them that may not be described in a tutorial. Explore and experiment!

Alex’s Review

Billy Bolts is a nice story for more mature children. It is very well illustrated with a nice message behind. I liked the way Jason added games to enhance the story and I think a few more of sound effects would improve even more the storytelling in each page. Great job!