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Bella’s Secret Garden – A Magical Photographic Storybook


We loved the simplicity and accessibility that Kwik offers to non-developers.

Jemma Upson


Bella’s Secret Garden

“Bella has a secret garden, do you want to come and see? There’s more than just flowers but you’ll have to look closely…” Bella’s Secret Garden is a beautiful photographic reading experience with multiple interactive elements, sound effects and gorgeous narration by 5 yr old Bella.

Bella’s secret garden is tucked away in a hidden corner of the world. It is filled with flowers that are every colour of the rainbow. But there are more than just flowers… Bella’s special friends also live there. Join us as we take a peak into Bella’s Secret Garden.


– 20 page story book counting down the fairies in Bella’s Secret Garden

– “Read to me” and “Read myself” modes

– Narration by five year old Bella with sound effects by her and her little brothers

– Photography, costumes and story created by Jemma Upson, a Sydney-based professional newborn, child and family photographer

– Graphics optimised for high definition retina displays


– Every fairy on the story pages is interactive so try pushing them all to see what happens

– Some fairies can make magic fairy dust, others will fly around and some can even get a bit grumpy if you push them too much!

– Every story page also has a sneaky hidden slug to find. Look for the shiny slug path to get the slug to come out

– Get a special surprise if you can find all 20 slugs!


– Five fairy puzzles based on the story scenes

– Drag and drop all 10 fairies into the correct spaces to complete the puzzles






How did Kwik help?

It was amazing!  We had been wanting to turn our picture storybook into an iPad app for a couple of years and after multiple attempts to learn Objective-C coding had given up. Then we found Kwik and got inspired again! At first we used Kwik to do everything and we got a basic book up and running very quickly.  As we continued working we learned how to integrate Particle Candy and Spine into the development and Kwik became an invaluable tool that actually taught us how to write basic code by first creating in Kwik, seeing the code it produced and iterating with trial and error.  Not only an amazing tool for creating book apps but also a great teaching tool for Corona!

What are your favorite features?

We loved the simplicity and accessibility that Kwik offers to non-developers.  Kwik’s clean, simple menu system is easy to follow but then it has very impressive depth in being able to do almost anything – from taking the effort out of placing images in the app to complex physics interactions – Kwik can do it all.

Any tips and tricks to share?

Just dive in and get working.  Its amazing how much you can learn by just trying new things in Kwik.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help in the forums – Kwik has a great user community that helps each other and Alex is extremely responsive, both with problem solving and iterating new versions of Kwik at an impressive pace.

Alex’s Review

This is cute app, oriented to young children. It is different because it is done with photos, instead of illustrations. I liked a lot the idea of having a “real” child narrating the app. Also, the particles are nicely done. Lastly, the ability to click a word and hear it is a great tool for learning how to read. In a technical aspect, I would love to learn how the text sync with audio was done with text effects.