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Archie’s Egyptian Adventure

Archie's Egyptian Adventure

Kwik turned Photoshop into a tool to bring stories to life.

Daren Mason


Archie’s Egyptian Adventure

Due to Archie’s magic digging boots whenever he finds something quite amazing he is transported back in time to meet the original owner of the artifact.

In this first adventure he finds Howard Carters notebook, he also gets to help mummify King Tut and children can interact with the mummy making process.

Aimed at children between ages 6 – 8

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How did Kwik help?

Kwik turned Photoshop, a program I’ve been using for a lot of years into a tool to bring stories to life. Being able to animate within the Photoshop environment was fantastic. As a designers / illustrators Kwik makes the world of programing and development accessible in a way we understand.

What are your favorite features?

Dialogue boxes! Being able to select options to create the interactivity and animations in such a clear way is invaluable. Also the ability to import code makes the program so flexible.

Any tips and tricks to share?

I think just be adventurous, use Kwiksher and Corona’s forums. There is always a way and my experience asking for help has been 100% positive. Alex and the forum members have been so quick to help.

Alex’s Review

Wow! This is an amazing storybook made with Kwik. The story teaches about historical events while following the imagination of Archie. The illustrations are gorgeous, as the professional narration. I loved the activities that enhance the story and, at the same time, teach about the mummification process. Very well done!