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Animal Sound Box

Animal sound box – learn music with cute animals

Without Kwik I would have spend months to make this app. With the plugin, it took only weeks.

François Walter


Animal Sound Box – learn music with cute animals

A great way to encourage your little one to make their first musical debut, Designed with bright colors and fun animal characters, Animal sound box will introduce your baby and toddler to sounds, beat and melody.

Each animal is a music instrument: shake the maracas and click the frog to play the drums. Learn the flute with the little bird, become a guitar and marimba hero with the jungle king, discover the xylophone with the colorful fish, and master the bass with the smiley Elephant.

Every part of the animal play a music note, when your baby touch the screen, colorful pictures will burst from their fingers and the animal will start dancing . Watch your baby delight in the audio and visual feedback!




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How did Kwik help?

Without Kwik I would have spend months to make this app. With the plugin, it took only weeks. When you know how it works and what you can do with it, it become really simple to create an app with Kwik.

What are your favorite features?

I use a lot of buttons to trigger the sounds when you click on the animal. The widget animation was quite useful to animate the animal parts. Anyway my favorite feature is still to be able to create the whole script inside of Photoshop.

Alex’s Review

What else to say besides it is cute? Seriously, it is a simple app: you click the animal parts (I love the owl the most) and each button plays a sound, enabling you to create your own melody. Maybe in the future MoobleGum may record the touches and enable a playback?