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Kwik helps you make really great children apps pretty fast.

Papantonopoulos Panagiotis


Adventures in the Sea

Seagly Eaglehorn a seagull is playing happily in the sea. Suddenly, she is caught .. What will happen to her? Will she never fly again? An action packed adventure, where birds are the heroes. It familiarizes children with the sea and the seagulls. A unique ecological adventure illustrated in colorful pictures, showing that animals, people and nature need to be harmoniously bound together.

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How did Kwik help?

I wanted to make an ebook for children. But every solutions looked liked it would take ages for it to get completed. Kwik helps you make really great children apps pretty fast.

Any favorite Kwik features?

My favorite feature in Kwik is the audio text sync. It is so important for the child to listen to the text and at the same time being able to track it through colour.

Alex’s Review

Adventures in the Sea brings a nice story with beautiful illustrations. Do not expect a book full of animations or activities. It is pure about the story, which most people are looking for. The only “strange” thing for me was the absence of a menu. When you start the app, it goes directly to the first page of the book, with a narration starting automatically. I believe, like me, most people would like to have the opportunity to select if they want to read by themselves or with a narration.

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