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Adventure! Bravery! Courage!

Joe Cesario


ABC Adventure!

A is for Apple, B is for… Beards?

Adventure! Bravery! Courage! is an alternative to traditional alphabet books, allowing you to teach the letters of the alphabet through a love of science fiction, fantasy, and most importantly: imagination! Relive all the adventures of being a kid through interactive pictures, fun sounds, and humorous stories! Fun for children of all ages!

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How did Kwik help?

Simply put, we couldn’t have made our app without Kwik! Being able to work through Photoshop and quickly iterate app design decisions was an amazingly liberating experience. We’ve worked with numerous game engines through the years, both retail and proprietary, and Kwik is the most focused, feature-packed solution on the market.

What are your favorite features?

For us, there really isn’t one specific feature we can call our favorite (although copy/paste is close!) but rather the way in which all features work together to allow us to realize our design intent. If pressed, we’d tell you how much we love to use Actions; such a great way to collect and compartmentalize large groups of behaviors.

Tips or Tricks:

Whether a new or experienced Kwik user, take your time and think through the interactions being created. If behaviors start to get overwhelmingly complex, take a step back and really try to simplify what needs to happen. Our team will often get back to basics and use pencil and paper to work through a difficult problem, which usually leads us to the most elegant solution.