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Alice in Wonderland

Kiwi Labs Share: “We love Kwik and since we starting use it, we speed up our production and we were able to produce 10 applications in few months!”Giacinto Attanasio THE STORY BEHIND Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland, the craziest and most entertaining story ever told, is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in its most complete version yet! Alice in Wonderland is an app in Italian and English for children from the age of 2. Much more than an interactive book, this app is a fantasy world that will amaze your children, from chapter to chapter! Loosely based on the novel by Lewis Carroll, the Alice in...

Digger Dirt

Take Flight Books Share: “Digger Dirt was first created as a children's picture book that we self published on Amazon. I was pleased that I could take what we had already created and with no coding create an app.”Anne Iverson THE STORY BEHIND Digger Dirt Digger Dirt and His Sweet Rewards is a highly entertaining children's picture book app. Children love to discover the animation and sounds on each and every page. These interactions, tapping or dragging, are friendly and intuitive. In the story, Digger Dirt wants change. He creates a vision, sets his goal and works to achieve it. He teaches his children how to do this and they...

Not Without Bear

Appropo Share: “With Kwik I could jump right in to the fun part and it works for both iOS and Android.”Anna Hines THE STORY BEHIND Not Without Bear Ride the wild ponies! Trip around the world! Find the lost children! Audrey loves to play her favorite games and never without her best friend, Bear. But when bedtime comes Bear is nowhere to be found! Where can he be? In this interactive story young readers help Audrey ride on Mama’s bike, giddy-up on Daddy’s back, find the toys she’s hidden in the bushes, and search the house for the missing Bear, before being tucked in for the night. Toy baskets spill,...


Julu Media Share: “I can truly say that Julu Media was made possible because of Kwiksher.”Ed Dalbello THE STORY BEHIND Uga-Uga Uga-Uga is an inspiring story of determination, courage and bravery. A little boy is discriminated because of his height, but, when there is an accident, he becomes the tribe’s hero. This story will inspire children and adults. It is a lesson for all of us. Children will be inspired by the clever ways the little boy trains to become a real warrior. He never gives-up. In this sweet and encouraging story, children will discover a hidden bunny within the colorful pages. - Multilingual: English, Portuguese and Spanish. - Professional...

The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs | Backseat Driver Share: “With Kwik, artists do not need to code anymore.”King Montecillo THE STORY BEHIND The Three Little Pigs An adorable kitten and his friends dress up as three little pigs and wolf in this playful twist of a classic English fairy tale. One day the pigs set out to build houses for themselves. One pig painstakingly made his with bricks to make it strong and sturdy, but the others carelessly built theirs with hay and sticks, preferring to spend their time dancing and playing in the fields instead. What happens when a big bad wolf comes over to blow the houses away? Kids...

Passover – The Ten Plagues

Corky Portwine Share: “With Kwik I can create the layout of each page and easily adjust the position of each piece of art, and Kwik will quickly update the code so I can see immediate results.”Sam Tannen THE STORY BEHIND Passover - The Ten Plagues You and your child can learn about Passover together with “Passover – The Ten Plagues!” This fun and interactive storybook tells of the plagues G-d sent to punish the Egyptians and how the Hebrew people were freed from slavery. FEATURES ★ Learn the Hebrew names of the Ten Plagues! ★ Humor and funny sound effects! ★ Bright & colorful hand-drawn illustrations with lots of animation!...

Hansel and Gretel

Milkbook Share: “Kwik allowed me to make the app without any code.”Antonio Volino THE STORY BEHIND Hansel and Gretel A light and lively version by the classic Brothers Grimm. Hansel and Gretel is a Milkbook interactive fairy tale 100% “Made in Italy” that focuses on quality content: text which is punctuated by pleasant wordplay, beautiful and imaginative pictures, and friendly and intuitive interactions. "We have no money for food," the stepmother said one evening to her husband, "We must get rid of your children." So start the troubles of the brother and sister ... and they soon end up in the clutches of a horrible child eating witch. Will they...

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk | Backseat Driver Share: “With Kwik, artists do not need to code anymore.”King Montecillo THE STORY BEHIND Jack and the Beanstalk Join us in one playful retelling of a classic fairy tale!! Our friendly neighborhood kitten, Lil, plays Jack in this popular English folktale which dates back from 1807. One day, Jack sells his cow to a man who pays him with some beans. The beans turn out to be magical, and out of it grew beanstalk that reached the sky. Jack climbs the beanstalk to find a castle at its tip. The castle was filled with unimaginable riches, but it was also the home of...
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