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Fonética Tips

Apptua Share: “Kwik is a powerful multimedia tool for building educational mobile apps.”Leonardo Montenegro THE STORY BEHIND Fonética Tips Fonética Tips is the first of four apps that I am publishing for the educational community and people interested in: how to use mobile devices for learning, how to teach and learn using mobile apps (mobile learning case studies), and the study of acoustic analysis of speech (phonetics and speech sciences) as an example on how to apply instructional design to mobile learning content production. The apps are available in Spanish and we plan to translate them into other languages in the near future. Users will play with a lot of...

Archie’s Egyptian Adventure

Muddy Boots Media Share: “Kwik turned Photoshop into a tool to bring stories to life.”Daren Mason THE STORY BEHIND Archie's Egyptian Adventure Due to Archie's magic digging boots whenever he finds something quite amazing he is transported back in time to meet the original owner of the artifact. In this first adventure he finds Howard Carters notebook, he also gets to help mummify King Tut and children can interact with the mummy making process. Aimed at children between ages 6 - 8 FREE promo codes: FWXHF36PFWY4 7RNMEXLXKXMJ FLY4NKR3YLXH P7LE6TKY7EWL How did Kwik help? Kwik turned Photoshop, a program I've been using for a lot of years into a tool to...

Baby Comes Home: Dudley Doodle

Luna Moth Share: “Kwik allows me to focus on the creative aspects of my storybook app development rather than the technical side.”Alena Amundson THE STORY BEHIND Baby Comes Home: Dudley Doodle In this interactive storybook app for kids, step into a dog's world and experience the arrival of a family's first baby from a lovable canine's perspective. Dudley is a spoiled labradoodle who had grown accustomed to his comfortable life. Once Baby arrived, everything changed, forcing Dudley to make some adjustments. An engaging original story with beautiful illustrations, background music, and optional narration captures children's attention and encourages them to learn new words and concepts while reading along with their...

Scribbaloo Pigs

Scribbaloo Limited Share: “Kwik allows me to focus on the creative aspects of my storybook app development rather than the technical side.”Alena Amundson THE STORY BEHIND Scribbaloo Art Calling all little artists! Draw, paint and make with Scribbaloo and his friends! Do you want to make your very own pig out of easy-to-find and fun materials? Well it is amazing what you can do with Scribbaloo and his friends as they show you how in this interactive and creative app, full of fun, giggles, colors, sounds and much much more… Scribbaloo is a creative and loveable monkey who invites kids to 'Make Some Pigs' with him and his artist friends:...

Gary’s Place

Giggle Desk Share: “Kwik enabled me to develop a page in 15 minutes!”Will Terry THE STORY BEHIND Gary's Place The story of a gopher who gets tired of living with his parents in their tiny hole and strikes out to build his own hole -but Gary catches the building bug and can't stop building more and more rooms until a disaster destroys all his hard work.   Digital Storytime Review: iMums Review: PROMO-CODES: FX473X69K6JE 9NJNL7RH7PHH WFRMELXETTNK 376NE6LW4PFH How did Kwik help? The Kwik plugin allowed me to build an app without any knowledge of how to program. It enabled me to develop a page (writing the Lua code...

123 da Gabi

Daniel Castro Share: “Kwik enhances the creativity of developers.”Daniel Castro THE STORY BEHIND 123 da Gabi Portuguese: 123 da Gabi é uma aplicação destinada a crianças dos 4 aos 7 anos de idade, que estejam a dar os primeiros passos na alfabetização matemática a partir das noções básicas e do desenvolvimento do conceito de número. As atividades presentes na mesma foram analisadas e retificadas por docentes do Primeiro Ciclo e avaliadas quanto ao seu potencial lúdico e cognitivo. Contém ilustrações apropriadas, apelativas e intuitivas bem como narração em Português. English: 123 of Gabi is an application designed for children 4 to 7 years of age, who are taking their first...

I Feel Super

Mike Geiger Share: “I Feel Super definitely wouldn't happened without Kwik.”Mike Geiger THE STORY BEHIND I Feel Super "I Feel Super" is a children's story about the little things we do to feel super! FREE promo codes: 74YH6AJFRWJ4 J9NPRLJPT34E How did Kwik help? Kwik was the integral part of the process when building I Feel Super. It definitely wouldn't of happened without this program. What are your favorite features? I appreciate that I am an animator / illustrator more than a coder, and Kwik allows me to develop the app without too much knowledge of the back end. Any tips and tricks to share? I found patience to be important....

Crea Puzzle Animals

MoobleGum Share: “I only spend a few days to create the entire scripting with Kwik.”François Walter THE STORY BEHIND Crea Puzzle Animals More than just a puzzle app, Crea Puzzle Animals helps aspiring young artists develop confidence in their skills while learning the principles of shapes, colors and design. Assemble simple shapes to create playful, colorful and funny animals. The puzzles show children how to illustrate animals with simple colors and shapes and help them develop representational skills. The best way to take children's creative talent to new heights. Specifically designed for the development needs of toddlers, these jigsaw puzzles will help your child with the following key skills: Shape...
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