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Learn Kwik Official Training

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You can learn Kwik in a faster pace, watching Alex Souza, creator of Kwik, assisted by Will Terry, children’s book illustrator, teaching how to use the product, with more than 16 hours of video content for Kwik3

Recording only – You will receive download links for each recorded class video.



This class was designed for the author and/or artist who wants to learn how to create fully interactive storybook apps without any code. You will be guided through the software logically and each class will be presented in sequential order. At the end of the course, users will have created a full, 6 pages, storybook.

Ideal for the children’s book illustrator or author with no experience with Kwik.

Day 1:
– The basics of storybook app creation and how to plan your own storybook app
Day 2:
– How to install and setup Kwik properly
– Creating the project, adding basic animation and interactivity and previewing your work
Day 3:
– Working with audio and different kind of animations
Day 4:
– Creating actions and timers
– Layer replacements, groups, debug and buttons
– Understanding variables
Day 5:
– Linear animations and multipliers
– Understanding logic and conditions
– Syncing audio with text
Day 6:
Sprite sheets (watch this FREE full class)
Day 7:
– Fun with physics
– Creating a paint scene
Day 8:
– Setting your project for submission
– Submission process for iOS (with comments on Android)
– Marketing your storybook
Day 9 (additional content):
– Expert users talking about how they use Kwik