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Speed up your app design process with Kutt!

Design your app interface once and Kutt will export images from each layer to every platform you desire, with just a click. With Kutt, you don’t need to manually manage the image export process for different platforms. Design your screen/scene in Photoshop [CS5 or higher] and the plugin will do the job for you.

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Export layers to multiple devices, with a single click

Whether you are building a universal app or targeting a specific platform such as the iPadiPhoneKindle FireNook Color or other Androiddevices, Kutt handles the different screen resolutions for you. Pick your target devices and Kutt will export each layer in different sizes. You have more than one design file? Not a problem, which a checkbox Kutt will export all the files in the same folder!

Download the User Guide here

Generate Developer Report

Generate Developer Report

Besides your exported images, the paid version of Kutt generates also a developer report, with information on each image or text layer, helping developers to promptly position each scene/screen component. Kutt also allows the selection of different anchor points (middle or top/left) depending on the developer’s engine of choice.

Create icons for all selected platforms

Using just a single squared image as icon template, Kutt will create all required icons to the selected platforms you select in the Settings. Don’t have an icon yet? Kutt creates an empty template for you with a single click.

Compress all png files after export

You don’t need to suffer with the PNG file sizes exported from Photoshop. Kutt will compress* them to sizes you cannot imagine!

*Kutt uses PNGquant to compress images