kwik Tutorial


create a simple "read to me" app with multi languages and test on corona simulator with mouse

New Project

  • Page1 Title

  • Page2 Read to me

  • Page3 Setting

  • Page4 Setup for key assignment of controller


Project properties > General> Create Navigation

Interaction > Add Button to layer "NaviBtn"


Add Audio

  • en_hello_kwik.mp3

  • jp_hello_kwik.mp3

  • Set Language to hellEn

  • Set Language as Japanese to hellJp with helloEn group

  • Set Langauge to backEn button

  • Set Language as Japanese to backJp with backEn group

  • Sync Audio and text to hellEn. Time codes file is in assets/read2me/

  • Sync Audio and text to hellJp. Time codes file is in assets/read2me/

  • Add button to backEn. Go to page1

  • Add button to backJp. Go to page1

  • Copy each word mp3 to build folder
    • assets/read2me/en_hello.mp3
    • assets/read2me/en_kwik.mp3
    • assets/read2me/jp_hello.mp3
    • assets/read2me/jp_kwik.mp3


Add Variable "langValue". Initial value is en and make it global and keep track is checked

  • enBtn
    • set langauge english
    • show checkEn
    • hide checkJp
    • set variable langValue to en

  • jpBtn
    • set langauge japanese
    • show checkJp
    • hide checkEn
    • set variable langValue to jp

Init page3

  • act_init for page start timer. this action initializes page3

    if composer.lang == "jp" then
      show checkJp
      hide checkEn
      show checkEn
      hide checkJp
    show jpBtn
    show enBtn

  • if confidtion setting

  • timer setting

Other buttons

  • Back to page1

  • act_hide for controllers button. This action hides the check option of English or Japanese

  • Controllers button. It plays act_hide. Next tutorial, we add the table view of connected controllers here as an external code.

  • key assignment button to go to setup(page4)


  • Back button to go to page3

Next tutorial, we add the table view of key assignment here as an external code and Edit button makes it editable.

Page1 Init and Buttons

starting the page with action timer

  • act_init
    if langValue == "en" then
      Set Languge English
      Set Language Japanese

  • if confidition setting

  • timer setting

  • btn1 to go to page2 with "read to me" enabled

  • btn2 to go to page2 with "read to me" disabled

  • Setting button to go to setting(page3)

Done. Publish and Test with Corona Simulator.