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Kwik3 Sample Projects

Download Kwik3 Sample Projects

You will need Adobe Extension Manager or ZXPInstaller to install the plugin. To learn more about the installation process, access the Installing Kwik4 page or the Installing Kwik3 page from our User Guide. from our User Guide. You will also need to install Corona SDK, before using Kwik.

Known Issues

-swipe not work with page with physcis -flip animation gtween bug left – Full page sized images with drag blocks swipe for the page – multiple gestures issue
– Multiplier layers cannot be dragged, swiped, pinched, etc (you can only attach button and animations to multiplier layers)
– Sometimes Photoshop crashes when closing
– Manual entry in Linear animation followed by ENTER, crashes Photoshop DO NOT HIT ENTER in the fields
– Animations with breadcrumbs will always show up in front of other objects
– Group animation preview tested only with only work with 3 levels of nested groups inside group.
– Layers linked will lost links after group animation preview
– Group animations will bounce if their sizes change while animating

Kwik4 updates History

    See the blog comment

Kwik3 Version History

scrollbar fix
PS 2015.5 support
kaboom fix
timer fix
kNavi fix
TV/Desktop beta
iPad Pro
windows start command folder path fix
compress PNG fix for thumnail images