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  • Leonardo

    You know Gareth, Weta crossed my mind when you mentioned Avatar and the other great titles =D. The work you guys produce is absolutely amazing. You’re my inspiration!
    I work at Cinecolor, doing mainly vfx for features but also motion graphics and animation when needed.
    You can check out my modest work at behance.net/leoquart

    Good luck with the app and if there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know.


    Hi Gareth,

    It’s nice to meet the Kwik community from all over and it’s also funny as I work in visual effects for feature films too. I’m a compositor from Argentina and much like yourself I’m doing an app in my spare time, and I know it is quite difficult to make the time. Fortunately Kwik makes it all much simpler for us on the development side, we just have to commit to it, putt all the pieces together and build the app (like all that can be so simple hahaha). I know I’ve been delaying my app for several months for various reasons but now it’s time to get the job done.
    Right now I’m doing the proper planning page by page from the script with all the necessary elements (characters, scenarios, animation, rigs, narration, sound effects, music). It’s like a movie altogether!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your app project come alive, Gareth.

    All the best


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    in reply to: LAUNCH IMAGE NOT DISPLAYED RIGHT #82936

    Hi Alex, thanks for the reply. Yes, I’m using the Project Properties to create the launch image as I don’t know any other way, so, using the kwik way.

    The launch image size is set as 1536×2048 264dpi (portrait) as a default resolution.

    It’s a very straight forward process so I don’t know what I’m missing.

    in reply to: LAUNCH IMAGE NOT DISPLAYED RIGHT #82921

    Not really. In the new universal version I don’t see any errors. And in the New iPad one all I see is “could not load font HelveticaNeue-Light. Using default font.” like 7 times…but I believe that has nothing to do with the launch image. Other than that, the projects work fine….

    in reply to: LAUNCH IMAGE NOT DISPLAYED RIGHT #82899

    Moreover, I decided to start a new project for testing purposes. This time a New Ipad project so as to maintain the size into one device. Now I don’t even see the Launch image in the simulator, as it goes directly to the first page of the storybook.

    Any ideas?


    in reply to: CC does not recognise project #82898

    Have you tried to open one of the projects inside the backup folder?. It might help to recover the majority of the work done so far.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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