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  • keithphillips
    in reply to: Image distorts #84730

    I had the same problem.

    I was exporting my background layer as a jpg, and the background layer became progressively distorted with each export.

    in reply to: Enable/ Disable feature #84729

    I agree.

    The way I do it is with variables.


    somebtnenabled = 0 or 1

    Then in the button do this:

    If somebtnenabled = 1
    do your actions

    in reply to: PLAY RANDOM NO REPEAT #84728


    I’m working on an app where a character responds with random comments on your actions. It would be great for me if she never said the same thing twice.

    in reply to: Time delay on Play Audio action #84727

    I agree.

    You may want to use the audio in different buttons and actions with different delays.

    In fact, it’s bad programming to have the time delay on the audio import, and an easy way to create hard to track bugs.

    Suppose you want a sound to trigger 2 seconds after a button it tapped. In the audio import you set the delay to 2 seconds. But later you decide to use that same audio for an animation, say. You may have forgotten setting that delay and then have no idea why the audio plays late in your new animation.

    in reply to: Creating Timer in Button #84726

    It’s doing something worse than just failing to close the dialog.

    I’m currently trying to create a button with conditional logic containing a timer.
    I managed it for one button ( OuthouseBtn) by angrily clicking CREATE a load of times.


    I need another, similar, button ( BotshellBtn ) but couldn’t get it to do it.

    So I copied OuthouseBtn logic and pasted it to Botshell layer. Fine. The button worked. But, of course, it didn’t do exactly what I wanted. So I changed the third line to get the behaviour I need and clicked CREATE. But when I reopened it, Kwik had removed the endif.


    It’s been a month since I reported this.

    in reply to: Install Fail in Creative Cloud 2015.5 #84704

    Thanks. That’s working great now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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