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  • in reply to: Readme bug #11301

    Yes, Tails was made with KWIK.

    in reply to: Readme bug #11299

    Just downloaded most current Daily Build from Corona.  Seems to have fixed both issues I had with read me files.iTunes search on Appburgh - book app is Tails - If people had tails.Thanks

    in reply to: Readme bug #11297

    Is there a way to have iTunes not sell to iOS 5 users?Thanks

    in reply to: Readme bug #11295

    New and different bug with read me file.  I have a book app in iTunes store that I have read me functionality working on.  I upgraded my iPad to iOS 5 GM.  I was surprised to go to existing app and find out it read me function not working.  So I recompiled and works in simulator when I run it on iOS 5 iPad doesn't work.  Have you tested this on upcoming iOS 5?Thanks.

    in reply to: Corona Webpopup #11310

    When you need to goto URL then yes use the go to URL.  However if you want to embed dynamic content say tip of the day.  Use the webpopup to point to the dynamic content.This is more geared to magazine type.Scenario 2 user has HTML5 book.  This way they could locally embed HTML in KWIK file.  This would open to a new level of users.  Web designers.Just food for thought.

    in reply to: Corona Webpopup #11308

    Popup would be contained in page.  So when you move to next page or close page popup closes.  The popup would allow for users to put dynamic content in their projects.  It would also allow for HTML local content to be placed in storybook.  I wouldn't worry about techie concerns with closing popups.  Make sure the popup is contained with in a layer of the page for boundaries.  When page turns or closes so does the popup.

    in reply to: Corona Webpopup #11306

    I think both would be great.  The webpopup would allow you to show  web content in a user defined size webpopup.  This could also be used to display local HTML content in app,  with this the HTML5 page curl could be used inside of KWIK.  Webpopup would be a powerful addition to KWIK.  Now I define popups in code after KWIK generates it.

    in reply to: Readme bug #11293

    If I go back a page.  The page I go back to now truncates the first part of the read me audio file.  Even though it just played the whole file.  Then if I go forward it truncates the page it just played the read me file truncated even though it just played the read me file in it's entirety.  I'm using 1.6.1 with build to iPad.  It occurs in the Corona simulator as well as the actual build for the iPad.

    in reply to: Bug with buttons. #11218

    Sweet just verified this bug is fixed in 1.5.4.  That is what I call fast.Keep up the good work.

    in reply to: Bug with buttons. #11216

    P.S.  I am on KWIK 1.5.3.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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