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    Hi everebybody,I'm looking for some help on creating a variable timer.I have this app where the user can set a time interval before something happens. The user can set the diffeculty of the app in this scale. I would like the variable to be leading in how long it takes before a action starts.So I was looking at variables. I was looking at timers, but could not realy find a way to combine them.Is there someone who did this before and can help me solve this?And I have a second question about timers. It looks like a timer always starts on pageload. So how do you guys use a timer later on in de app. Say triggered by a button for example. Do you simply start the timer again? I was wondering because by a animation you have the option to wait request.Hope there is someone that can help me.Greetings,Daniel

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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