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  • trenton_hunt

    Good Day,
    I’m working in CS6. After updating to the latest Kwik 3.5.8, the sample projects are not working. When I select either of them, they will open with the document and layers all visible, but only for a split second. Then immediately, the document closes and a window pops up that reads: “Script Alert – Error:Required Value is missing”
    I’ve removed and reinstalled the Kwik Samples extension, but the problem remains.
    I’m not noticing any other problems in Kwik apart from this issue with the sample projects.


    I will check the behaviour this week.



    WE have the same problem with the sample file, the same with creating a new project.
    We are looking for a tool to improve our storybook framework and we have been looking at your program for the last couple of years but previous versions where to limited. This new version looks promising.

    Are you planning on new versions soon?
    It is a bit hard to determine if there is still development done on this software because a lot of messages in this forum are unanswered. Just checking



    I will check the sample project again with the latest version of kwik 3.5.9

    It is a new report that creating a new project has the same problem “Script Alert – Error:Required Value is missing”. Are you running Kwik 3.5.9 on Photoshop CS6 on Mac?

    I don’t remember I did something in Feb. I think I forgot the investigation.

    Kwik3.5.9 have some minor issues but can be worked around. Currently I don’t mean to update Kwik3 unless a serious issue to be fixed.

    I have been developing Kwik4 now. The beta version will be released next month if everything goes well.


    I tested it.

    Kwik3.5.9 CS6 Mac. It works fine.
    Kwik3.5.8 CS6 Windows7(64bit). Clicking sample project fails to open it but after that, it can be opened by clicking the grey icon of the recent opened project.

    Creating a new project both on Mac/Windows works fine in my environment.
    Please let me know about your environment.


    Your tip to select the sample project from recent history does work for me.

    Thank you

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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