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    So, now that Billy Bolts is complete, I'm looking for places to spread the word about it. I'm hoping this may be a thread we can all share ideas on where to publicize iBooks and hopefully gain some exposure.So far, I've done some Fiverr gigs and submitted my press release through PRMac.comI haven't received anything from anyone simply wanting to review the story book for their site, merely just sites wanting me to pay them to review it. I come from the music business where things like this are frowned upon and in some case illegal so I'm kind of surprised at how things are. If I pay hundreds of dollars I can get a glowing review for a crappy app, but for free I can't get an honest review on what I hope is a quality app.I'm curious if any of you have found any traction somewhere if so so, if you care to share it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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