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    What does really “Pause when completed” in Linear Animation? I have tried to move an image (Linear Anim/Pause when completed/Reverse at ending) to the right triggered by a button. I then created a Random Action with Play Animation (above animation) and Pause Animation. Created another Action to resume the animation with a button, hoping that, this way the image would come back to its original position. I know how to do it, in a different way, but just tried to understand the meaning and usefulness of “Pause when completed”. When/what for is it used?Are the Actions:Pause Animation and Resume Animation only used with Sprite Sheets? Thanks in advance.


    I now realize that Sprite Sheets have their own play & pause features. I am therefore even more ignorant of what Pause in Linear Animation stands for.


    pause when completed means that the object stays in the last position of the animation instead of going back to its original position before the animation. I have a bird in my app which travels from right to left. With pause animation it stays on the left otherwise it goes back to the right.


    Thanks Cutonsolutions.Your bird goes back to its original position because you have also checked "Return to start pos. after play".Right? If you do not check that, the bird stops at the end of the animation ( on the left side). Unless, I am missing something, which is exactly what I am looking for.


    yes if you check the return to start pos. it will do the animation and go where is started the pause animation button i think is mostly used when the same object has more than one animation

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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