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  • Jorge

    To put it simply.

    -I have two pages – 1 and 2.
    -on page 1:
    -I have two layers – A and B; A is the one which shows when page 1 is loaded
    -a button toggles hide/show A and B; a button for GotoPage 2
    -a user goes to page 2 with layer B showed
    -he plays page 2 and comes back to page 1 with a GotoPage 1 button, and
    -when he arrives at page 1 I want the user to see layer B and not A
    -no problem if he leaves page 1 with layer A showed and comes back and sees A again

    I have tried several ways (global variables, IF’s and so on) but layer A always comes first as page 1 loads. Is there a way of achieving this. Thanks.


    Try the following sequence:
    -create a global variable to check layerA is visible or not. when user press button, set value
    -create an action to hide layerA with the variable condition
    -when page1 is loaded, start the action. this will be done by external code. It can be trigged with a complete action by an animation or timer action.

    Add Timers


    Thanks Yamamoto,
    I believe I have followed your sequence properly, but did not succeed.
    I am sending you a small project which replicates what I am doing and trying to achieve. If you could spare a bit (but not more than a bit, please) of your precious time looking at it, I would very much appreciate.
    Some doubts and thoughts:
    -either I am not putting the edit variable correctly/right placed or it just does not work in this specific case
    -I thought that toggling was a reason and unchecked the toggle box – still not resulting
    -even if it have worked with toggles, how would the variable function with switching on and off?
    -I may be missing something, since I did not understand what you meant with ‘this will be done by external code’

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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