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  • Yamamoto

    NEW: enables/disables a button
    NEW: Front/Back is added
    NEW: Play Audio action has control parameters
    NEW: Play random animation with no repeat once played
    NEW: Project Properties > Publish > Update template

    Modified: Play Random. Play Random is not compatible to Kwik3.
    Please Re-create play random action

    minor:read to me removed from common. Please use read to me in audio

    Page Curl
    -background layer need to be named as “background” otherwise page curl not work
    -page_curl is disabled from default. if you want to use page curl.
    rename tmplt/components/pageXXX/page_swipe_curl.lua to page_swipe.lua and
    disable ‘preload pages’ from Project properties > Advanced setting on Kwik panel
    -infinity scroll does not work with page curl


    Page Curl

    -background layer need to be named as “background” otherwise page curl not work

    -background layer need to be named as “background” otherwise page curl not work

    disable ‘preload pages’ from Project properties > Advanced setting on Kwik panel

    rename tmplt/components/pageXXX/page_swipe_curl.lua to page_swipe.lua

    background image size

    debug mode to show grap region. Please remove it if done testing


    • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by  Yamamoto.

    I found a problem in page curl. the updated page_swipe_curl.lua in the following zip

    NEW:layer set creates page_meta.lua for comic reader
    NEW:layer_image.lua to support layerSet
    FIX:ultimate for portrait to swap x, y in utlimatePosition
    FIX:build.settings support upside down
    FIX:page curl to choose either jpg, png

    please modify you like to output bacground image as PNG, you need to modify the following part when you replace page_swipe.lua with page_swip_curl.lua. Also set the width and the height of your background image, the default is 1920, 1280 for ultimate config and the other is 2048, 1152

    local _BackgroundLayerName = “background.jpg”

    local bgW, bgH = 1920/4, 1280/4 — layer.{{backLayer}}.width, layer.{{backLayer}}.height
    local pgX, pgY = _K.ultimatePosition(960, 640) — layer.{{backLayer}}.x, layer.{{backLayer}}.y
    local curlWidth = 400/4
    local bgW, bgH = 2048, 1152
    local pgX, pgY = 1024, 768
    local curlWidth = 400



    It uses screen capture for the current page curl but the image for previous/next page uses background.jpg/png because it can not render the pre/next page while page curling.

    if you like to have a page curl, edit line 10 of page_swipe_curl.lua for flip_audio true and put an

    audio file to build4/assets/audios/

    then replace page_swipe.lua with page_swipe_curl.lua



    I have a question.

    In the instruction ‘rename tmplt/components/pageXXX/page_swipe_curl.lua to page_swipe.lua’

    How can I rename “page_swipe_curl.lua” to “page_swipe.lua” because these two files “page_swipe_curl.lua” and “page_swipe.lua” are in the same folder?

    Thank you.


    before rename or copy page_swipe_curl.lua to page_swipe.lua, you can delete page_swipe.lua
    the original of page_swipe.lua is also in the same folder as page_swipe_original.lua

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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