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  • eyndrea

    Is it possible that apply force action and button do not work?I can't  attach an example i by mail.And the samples files are working? I have exported for example "animations" and "simple physics"In the firs there is audio.getDuration error and in the second the word kwik do not stop the ballsI have the new version of kwik 3.0.0 and corona 2014.2189.Also (I do not know if is the normal way) when you go from page 1 to 2 the page 1 seems to dissapear and a black square is in his place. I mean the transition is not 1 like... page one goes from right to left with page 2.the transition in the simulator is... page one dissapear and page two go from right to left


    the new documentation from Corona http://docs.coronalabs.com/api/type/Body/bodyType.html says kinematic bodies not react to force (in fact I tried your project with beta4 and Kwik 2 and in none of them it worked).I will check the issue with the sample projects.


    In the project the object is kinematic.In kwik 3.0.4 I thougt there was a bug and for this I do not comment. I was waiting for this version of kwik.So why is the apply force object for in action and button panel?I have read the tutorials and I following them and perhaps i was in a errorthanks


    I corrected already my text below (I meant kinematic, not dynamic). The force works fine for all dynamic objects, reason why the feature exists.I did not know force did not apply to kinematic objects. I added already an option (it will be available in the next update - check the new user guide thou for more info: http://www.kwiksher.com/learn-kwik/set-body-properties/) to set a body as dynamic but keep it floating - this way you will be able to apply force to a dynamic object that has the gravity scale set to 0.


    Regarding the Sample Projects, I had to install them again. After doing that (and publishing) everything worked fine for me (in both examples your mentioned).I am not seeing the transition issue from here. Do you have a movie or a sample project showing this?


    Fantastic Alex. Because i could not work with apply force (kinematic) in 3.0.4 beta I suposse there was a bug and until new version of kwik  I made it work with  external code …(if hep for someone) physics.addBody(man1, "dynamic", {density=0.3, friction=0.3, bounce=0.2, radius=9}) and to eliminate ...  physics.removeBody(man1, "dynamic", {density=0.3, friction=0.3, bounce=0.2, radius=9})(in new kwik version man1 would be layer.man1But your solution will be more betterthanks I go to send to you what I mean with the transition (one mement)


    Regarding the transition behavior, it seems your issue is not having a background image – Corona always add a black rectangle behind everything. Add a background image and you will not see the black background.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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