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  • xisulyhonaq

    Hi Alex and everyone.It's great to have my latest app (Monkey Spot the Difference) in the showcase! And thanks Alex for another supportive review.I totally agree with your recommendations about the app. I'll be getting started on adding another 6 scenes this week. For the price I'm asking it's probably a good idea to have a few more.And as for the first recommendation of..."set spots that lock the circles when they are positioned in the correct places – consequently tracking if the puzzle is completed"I would definitely make that happen, if I could! This is the same problem I had/have with my first app (TicTacToe Monkeys). Having a number of playing pieces with a number of possible lock positions... which as I understand can't be done with Kwik but only with external code.If it is possible with Kwik can someone please tell me how?!My other option would be to get the price for a coder/developer to add this in for me. I could try elance or one of the other outsourcing sites.But I'd rather deal with someone who understands Kwik and could just give me the external code to add. So that any updates or changes I make can easily have the new code added again.So, is there anyone in the community that would be able to work with me on this or be able to recommend someone to help me out?This is something I can see being needed on other projects in the future so would be great to get it sorted.Alex, is it something that might be able to be added as a future feature? I'm sure that with all the stories, games and combinations of the two that are being done with Kwik, there must be a few others that would like to have this feature too 🙂I really hope someone can help me out, please get in touch.Cheers!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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