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  • xisulyhonaq

    Hey Kwikers 🙂As a lot of us are aware... Making our apps are becoming the easy part of the whole App Business, especially with Kwik. It just takes time.The unknown and trickiest part for most of us is MARKETING!There are a lot of ways that we can and have tried to market and throw our ideas out there but they can cost a lot of money and/or be a hit and miss type of thing. I still feel that a great way to at least get our apps introduced to others is on Facebook, the friends and family... then friends of friends can spread information far and wide (even though there is talk of a lot of people leaving).So I was thinking, with the number of users of Kwik and apps that are being made, I'm sure there are a lot of Facebook pages out there for either our businesses or the individual apps.SOOO, the proposal.... if everyone posts a link to their Facebook page(s) here and each of us 'like's then we will have just boosted our viewing audience in a massive way. On top of just liking the page, it would be great if we all 'like' or better yet 'share' each others new app announcements!I'm going to kick it off and here is my page http://fb.com/twistedlogicappsI have just launched my latest app Monkey Match... feel free to 'like' and 'share' it.My promise is that anyone who posts their link here I will 'like' that page and share your apps as you release them.I'm very interested to see just how much of a difference this will make so the more the better! Plus it's great to see what kind of apps are being made with Kwik and not just those that are added to the showcase.Thanks in advance for the 'like'.Cheers

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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