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Linear Animation- layers rising and re-editing

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    Hello,Newbie question here. I've been playing with linear animation for my backgrounds and I'm having something weird happen. I've laid out 5 layer (1024width each) that make a complete background image that scolls from right to left on the screen. But it looks like some of the layers are slightly rising as they move to the left. It's weird because I only clicked on "linear animation" and changed the x value and the duration to 16 seconds. I didnt' touch the y variable. This is the tutorial I learned from, and then I made my own project with 5 layers for the background image. http://www.kwiksher.com/tutorials-kwik/video-tutorial-background-scrolling-beginner/I can upload a video of the occurrence too, if my description isn't making sense. Second question:After I apply the linear animation for a layer, if I go back to the animation asset and click on it (so I can change the values on it), the layer that's connected to the animation gets moved. It seems like it moves it to the end point of the animation. For example, if my animation was to move the layer -1024, then when I click on the animation asset (and whether I re-edit the settings or not) and then save the settings, my layer has been shifted -1024. I can also upload a video of this occurrence if this helps.Thanks very much for all the help. Once I can figure out what I'm doing wrong, there's going to be some really great apps coming!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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