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  • Gareth

    Hi all,
    so the forums have been a bit quiet lately. Maybe we could introuce ourselves and make some connections?

    I’m Gareth, an Irish guy living in New Zealand. I have been working on a Kwik app for the past 2 years. I work in visual effects for feature films, (Avatar, The BFG, Superman v Batman etc) so I have been doing the app in my spare time… which isn’t a lot. I have two kids under 3, so getting time on Photoshop and Kwik is rare!

    I am doing a book app for kids/parents 12 pages, I have about 8 done and hope to complete the next 4 in the next 6 weeks… I’ve been working on movie deadline for the past 5 months. So I may be on here asking questions soon!

    I would love to hear what other people are doing. How long are these apps taking to do?

    I hope to hear from you,


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    Thank for your introduction, Gareth. Good to know you are progressing a book app with Kwik.


    Hi Gareth,

    It’s nice to meet the Kwik community from all over and it’s also funny as I work in visual effects for feature films too. I’m a compositor from Argentina and much like yourself I’m doing an app in my spare time, and I know it is quite difficult to make the time. Fortunately Kwik makes it all much simpler for us on the development side, we just have to commit to it, putt all the pieces together and build the app (like all that can be so simple hahaha). I know I’ve been delaying my app for several months for various reasons but now it’s time to get the job done.
    Right now I’m doing the proper planning page by page from the script with all the necessary elements (characters, scenarios, animation, rigs, narration, sound effects, music). It’s like a movie altogether!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your app project come alive, Gareth.

    All the best


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    Hey Leo,
    good to hear from you. I’m a compositor too, in Weta. Great that you are getting into an app too and getting the job done! I think I’ll take another 2 weeks before I get into mine.

    Hopefully the forum gets moving again.

    Looking forward to seeing your work!



    You know Gareth, Weta crossed my mind when you mentioned Avatar and the other great titles =D. The work you guys produce is absolutely amazing. You’re my inspiration!
    I work at Cinecolor, doing mainly vfx for features but also motion graphics and animation when needed.
    You can check out my modest work at behance.net/leoquart

    Good luck with the app and if there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know.


    Hi Gareth, Leo, Yamamoto,

    Fionnuala here, also Irish!, and developer of the apps Scribbaloo Paint and Scribbaloo Train. My apps are very simple as they are aimed at the preschool age group. Working on the graphics for a third app to launch in September at the moment and a fourth for the Christmas season. Like Gareth, I am also making apps in my spare time as I have a three year old who keeps me busy – so Scribbaloo Train took about a year to make. Scribbaloo Paint, is much more straight forward and simple, so that took a few months only! My first app (Scribbaloo Pigs, which is not available on the app store anymore) took much longer as I was learning so much stuff for the first time. I also make animations for our Scribbaloo Youtube channel.

    also, if anyone needs any help please don’t hesitate to shout!

    looking forward to seeing the projects develop. keep us updated:-)



    Nice to meet everyone here!

    My name is Peakman and I am an interactive comic/novel artist, also have been working in the 3D animation industry before…

    I have published one animated novel called “Beastly Crusader” with Kwik:

    Beastly Crusader

    My experience with using Kwik has been awesome, both Alex and Yamamoto have been very helpful in various stage of my App too.

    Also agreed this community has been very quiet here, we really need to get more users to participate to keep it alive!



    Leo, I have added you on LinkedIn, we have a friend in common… small world!!!!

    Hi Fionnuala, great to hear from you, I’m from Limerick originally, how about yourself? I bought Scribbaloo Train well over a year ago and my then 2 year old loved it! He picked it up really quickly and the music was so addictive! Well done!

    Hi Packman, I know your name form these forums, I’ll download Beastly Creature tonight and have a good look.

    Hi Yamamoto, I hope all the new development is going well.

    Great to hear from people that are out there using Kwik. Tonight is the first night in about 5 months that I am going back to my book app. I hope to get a good portion of it completed in the next 3 weeks… 2 more pages, the into page, navigation set up. I hope to hear of all your progress, hopefully we can all help one another out!



    Hi Peakman,
    I bought your Beautiful Crusader last night, it is fantastic! Well done. Thats a huge amount of work. I am struggling to complete 10 pages… you have 55!

    Can you let us know how you did the text? You have a lot of text and many languages. Did you keep these as text or change them into images?

    I look forward to hear how you did it.




    Hi, Gareth,

    Thanks for buying my app, and adding me on facebook!
    If you like it hopes you can give some comments on Appstore and let more people know about it! 🙂

    And you’re totally right it’s huge amount of work, but for this type of story I don’t think it can be achieved with any less pages.
    Children’s storybook could be done with about 20 pages, but fantasy novel like mine involved more complicated storyline, battle scenes, twist and final settlement will require a lot more pages, and that’s the most ideal format I’d like to present with “Beastly Crusader”.

    About the the text multi language support is a feature already in Kwik, and here’s the link to the tutorial for how you implement it:

    Creating a multilingual project with Kwik 2 – Part 1 (Expert)

    The text are converted into images after published, which Kwik will take care of it, so the most difficult part is to get your work translated.
    A lot works for me is to keep the meaning after translation, which is not easy.
    Tons of research online and discussed with translators are needed to make sure what is suitable.

    Hope it helps,



    Love to see great minds sharing experiences!
    Looking forward to see what you are cooking!

    All the best to all of you!



    Great to hear from Everyone,

    Hi Gareth, I hail from Dublin! Thanks so much for downloading Scribbaloo Train, and so glad your son liked it:-). Just thought I’d mention that I used Onehourtranslation.com for translating my meta data and descriptions – I found them fast, competitively priced and they use native speakers for their translations.

    Hi Peekman, I just downloaded Beastly 01. I love the graphics and beautiful animations – I will get a chance to have a proper look through tonight, looking forward to that.

    Hi to everyone else too and thanks Alex for the kind words!


    Thanks for the website for translations Fionnuala, i will definitely use it.

    Thanks Alex!



    Thanks Fionnula!
    Hope you enjoy Beastly 01 too! 🙂

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