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  • v1p_kokorin

    A few weeks back I reported a problem with intermittent usage of actions and buttons. My scenario would be the following:I would create a new page, then a new layer then I would assign an action to it and compile.I would then run it and it would work. I would then remember to check for bugs in my layer naming so I would click the button and recompile again. A lot of things would break after that. All actions wouldn't work and corona would still be looking for old image file names. I started the corona SDK debugger and started debugging the app. So for some reason the actions were not being updated to point to the newly corrected layer name. I understand that If I manually rename a layer actions would break, but when you press the Bug button, it should not only rename the layers, but also update the parameters in the the pages, actions and buttons. Is that asking too much? Here's what I did to fix this problem.I re-ran the Bug button on all my pages. I then compiled. Deleted all my actions and buttons and re-added them. This time the actions were pointing to the correct layers and the pages were loading the correct "truncated" layer name. Can I ask why Kwik removes underscores in layer names? And why not allow "camel" style naming conception instead? It makes reading variables way easier!Thanks for such a great tool!


    Kwik is very sensitive to layer names and not very intelligent to fix related issues considering the unlimited possibilities created by users.For Kwik 2, I created a much better issue detection module that will not export anything in case of issues. It will not remove _ from layer names as well.


    Very happy to hear that. I am just glad that after a few headaches, I was able to figure it out. Now the challenge is multi-language. I keep getting a “director” error about a “parameter” “tab”. I removed multi-language toggle altogether from my app and decided to display both languages simultaneously to avoid headaches.I'm looking forward to Kwik 2.Thanks!


    did you configure both languages in your page? if you set your project with 2 languages and just create the objects for 1 language, you have an error like the one you are having.


    Gotcha. I think I did set the 2 objects I wanted, but then I set a couple of other layers as “english” and didn't set their “spanish” counterparts up.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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